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Sarahah is still the most coveted and used anonymous messaging application. She particularly likes young people and is now one of the indispensable applications to have on your phone. As a reminder, the principle is simple: simply register online using your mobile phone or computer. Once you have registered, you will get a link that allows outsiders to send you anonymous comments! Please note that others do not need to be registered in order to communicate with you.

This system has known many adventures since its creation. Many young people turn it away from its context and use Sarahah to insult or even harass their classmates often.
Parents of teenagers began to worry so much that they banned this application on their children's phones. This was of course before the release of the new Sarahah spyer helper that can reveal any user.

As a reminder, Sarahah is an application originating from Saudi Arabia, created in 2017. Basically, this anonymous messaging application was intended to facilitate communication in environments where freedom of expression is not guaranteed, such as the business world or certain politically sensitive region of the world. Today it is clear that Sarahah must reinvent itself to find its place in our smartphones.


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